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Fashionable Indian Weddings

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fashion in Indian weddings

Fashion plays a significant role in Indian weddings, which are known for their grandeur, colors, and traditions. Indian weddings are a celebration of love, family, and culture, and fashion is an essential part of this celebration. Every aspect of an Indian wedding, from the outfits to the jewelry and accessories, is carefully chosen to reflect the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the country.

The bride and groom are the center of attention in an Indian wedding, and their outfits are the most important aspect of the fashion at the event. The bride typically wears a traditional outfit, which varies from region to region. In North India, brides wear a red or maroon lehenga-choli, which is a long skirt and a blouse, often heavily embroidered with gold and silver thread, sequins, and beads. In South India, brides wear a saree in colors like gold, red, and green, which is also heavily embellished with intricate designs. In addition to the saree, the bride may wear a lot of gold jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, bangles, and anklets.

The groom also wears a traditional outfit, which is usually a sherwani, a long coat-like garment with embroidery, worn over a pair of trousers. The sherwani is often made of silk or brocade, and the groom may wear a turban or a pagdi, a traditional headgear, depending on the region.

Guests at Indian weddings also dress up in their best traditional outfits, which adds to the overall fashion spectacle of the event. Women wear sarees, lehengas, or salwar-kameez, which are also heavily embroidered and embellished. Men wear traditional outfits like kurta-pajama or dhoti-kurta, which are also made of silk or brocade and embellished with intricate designs.

The fashion at Indian weddings is not just limited to the outfits; it also includes the accessories and jewelry worn by the bride, groom, and guests. Indian weddings are known for their elaborate jewelry, and brides usually wear a lot of it. The jewelry worn by the bride often includes a maang-tikka, a headpiece worn on the forehead, a nose ring, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and anklets.