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Wedding menus for Indian weddings

wedding menu How often do you remember a wedding that you went to where the food was excellent and the variety of food served was mind-boggling? Earlier, the halwais were the caterers for the weddings and they came with their entourage and sat down at the back and cooked the food. Now the scenario has changed immensely. The wedding caterers are world-class, the variety of cuisines served is better than in any five-star hotel and the quality of service is superb. Getting a good caterer for your wedding functions is one of the best things you can do to make your family’s wedding a perfect occasion.

Quality – not Quantity:

Having too many dishes on the table, does not replace the quality of the dishes. There is only a certain amount that everyone can eat, and the emphasis should be on the delectable flavours rather than on the number of items being served. Most caterers, specially in North India, will insist on serving chaat and various other items such as golgappas, and chillas as the snacks. They know that the more snacks your guests, the less main dishes will be consumed! If possible, have a tasting session with them earlier so that you know what is good and can be served happily. Do not mix up too many cuisines, but if you can afford it, various sections serving different types of food, will always be welcome.


Food must be served elegantly, by clean and well-dressed waiters. They should know about the food they are serving and should be willing to help the guests serve themselves. There should be an adequate number of waiters serving the snacks, so that there is good circulation of food. If live-stations are being provided, then the chefs standing there should also have chef hats and aprons. The tandoor counter is always crowded, because everyone loves a hot roti, so there should be adequate space around it.

Your preferences:

If your family loves certain dishes, now is the time to make sure that these are served. Memories are made of days like these, and it is important the menu chosen should reflect your preferences, rather what is normally done.