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Wedding Planners in India

So you are planning to get married? Are you getting worried about the amount of planning and logistics involved in the process? After all, it is an Indian wedding and the whole community is a part of it, and it could last upto seven days. Do not worry about it too much, get a good wedding planner who understands your dreams and your budget and then sit back and relax.

Finding a Wedding planner:

The internet is probably your best source for a wedding planner. But do ask around among your friends and relatives, since word-of-mouth references also work very well. Check the reviews online, any disgruntled customers are sure to write about it on the net! Look at their images, check the variety of services they offer, and their price ranges.

Finalise your budget and plans:

All of us have a visual in our minds about how our wedding should be planned and executed. Explain these to the wedding planners you may have shortlisted. Talk to a couple of them, and let them tell you how feasible it is to turn those dreams into reality. Fix a total budget in your mind, and try not to get influenced by them to raise the budget! If the costs are rising too high, trim your aspirations so that you are able to afford the costs.

Services provided by wedding organisers:

The planners should be able to plan the entire wedding from day one till the penultimate day. They should co-ordinate the various people such as the caterers and the tent guys, the flower decorators and light decorators. It should be their responsibility to make sure that each one delivers on time, and works harmoniously with the others.

Your interaction with the wedding planner:

Once you have got all the plans in place, let them work without too much interference. Do keep a watch on what is happening, but remember that they are experts in their field, and they will give you a truly dream wedding celebration