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Wedding Cards – the first intimation of a wedding

The wedding card, generally accompanied with a box of traditional sweets or chocolates or gifts, is the first intimation that your guests receive of the forthcoming nuptials. They set the tone for the wedding, and they establish the fact that the wedding in your family will be a sophisticated and stylish affair. Choose your card with care, keeping in mind the fact that it should be a reflection of your personal tastes and style rather than of popular trends.


Most weddings now follow a certain theme through the décor and the cards and colours. Once you have chosen your theme for the wedding day, the card should be based on that theme. If the décor is based on a traditional theme then the card should be designed traditionally. The mithai or chocolates or gifts which are being distributed, should also be packed in a similar format. Garish colours, and a multiplicity of images on the card will make it look tawdry.


There are so many varieties of paper available nowadays for making cards, that it is easy to get confused. Rice paper, parchment, Jacquard and handmade papers are considered to be the finest available, and these show up the printing and patterns very well. Self-embossed papers or the ones like Moitre which have very subtle watermarks are also very aesthetically pleasing.

Designs and Printing:

The difference between poor quality printing and expert printers is immediately apparent when you open a card. A good design, and a great font can look ordinary if it has not been printed well. The design should be chosen carefully, and it is always better to go to a top-quality wedding card designer, since he will have many good designs to choose from.


There are only a few variations between the wordings on a card, and most families do not pay too much attention to them. But, for your own satisfaction and desire for perfection, you must word it carefully and make sure that there are no inadvertent spelling and grammatical mistakes.